QTAKE SERVER The future of on-set workflow


Sync project media and metadata across multiple units. QTAKE database is seamlessly synchronized with all connected devices to ensure everyone is instantly up to date.


Organize clips using filters and smart collections. Visual browser provides quick access to any scene/shot/take with a tree-based clip list and multiple filtering options.


Review multi-camera shots with independent playback. Use multiple in/out ranges from QTAKE Video Assist System to navigate through long clips or series of takes.


Collaborate efficiently using flexible metadata editing. In addition to extensive predefined fields, QTAKE Server allows creation of custom metadata to fit any production.


Export complete project metadata to post. Create PDF reports, Final Cut Pro XML, Avid ALE or use comprehensive QTAKE XML export to refine your post-production workflow.


Stream live camera feeds from remote locations. Let your producers or clients watch multiple QTAKE outputs in the comfort of their office using secure live http streaming.


Secure local network or cloud-based connection. Simple admin interface lets you assign a custom role and an individual watermark to each password-protected client.
QTAKE Monitor
iOS app for QTAKE live stream monitoring and QTAKE Server access

QTAKE Monitor Download


QTAKE Server is the metadata collaboration system specialized for on-set use with iPad or iPhone. Thanks to tight integration with the high-end QTAKE Video Assist system, it provides instant review of each take. This immediate access to media is the key to accurate and efficient annotation by any department that can supply valuable data for your production workflow. In addition to local on-set use, QTAKE Server can run in the cloud to provide secure worldwide access, or push XML data into your existing digital asset infrastructure.


Unlike other systems that need to render dailies and upload media after offloading camera magazine, QTAKE Server provides independent playback and metadata editing just seconds after the take has been shot. Project navigation is simple, because footage from video assist comes pre-organized by camera, scene, shot and take. Fast and flexible metadata structure, customizable directly from QTAKE Monitor, makes QTAKE Server a universal and future-proof solution for any kind of production.


  • Multiple users with assignable roles and permissions
  • Instant and independent media playback
  • Onscreen playback controls, scrubbing and frame stepping
  • Playback with multiple in/out points
  • Scene/shot/take structured Visual Browser
  • Selectable filtering by camera, rating, shooting time
  • Multiview for simultaneous live monitoring and playback
  • True collaborative metadata editing
  • Instant metadata synchronization across all clients
  • Custom metadata groups and fields
  • Custom sets of metadata values, for fast drop-down entry
  • Optional private notes, not visible to other users
  • Editing metadata for multiple clips at the same time
  • Smart collections based on metadata rules
  • Offline mode for access to cached media and metadata
  • Project synchronization of multiple QTAKE systems
  • Export to Colorfront On-Set Dailies
  • Export to Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X
  • Export to PDF Reports
  • Multiple levels of access security
  • Watermark with user name and custom legal sentence